2017. 9. 19.

Noise Survey

INERTANCE has a capability to perform the noise survey with valid measurements at any necessary locations. Ambient noise survey will be used as back ground data for noise contour map, and the noise verification survey will be performed after finalizing the noise allocation study.
Noise survey include below kinds of activities.
  • Ambient Noise Survey
  • Noise Verification Survey
  • Octave band Sound Level Meter
  • A-Weight, dB(A)
  • Noise Research
  • Sound Recording and Reproduction
  • Environmental Noise Measurement
  • Plant Noise Measurement
  • Indoor Noise Measurement
Noise survey has been performed with below purposes.
– To measure the noise generated by outside noise source
– To perform the survey at plant boundary limits
– To check the work area noise in plant facilities
– To measure the environmental noise by road traffic and rail road
– Noise survey around residential area