2017. 9. 19.

Field Balancing

In case the turbo-machinery has the vibration issue caused by unbalance, INERTANCE can perform the field balancing. In addition to that, INERTANCE has applied single and dual plane method, and also verified the balancing technic without phase measurement. 
INERTANCE has a capability to perform below kinds of Field balancing work.
  • Field balancing for rotating equipment
  • Conditional monitoring for rotating equipment
  • Root cause analysis (RCA) for vibration trouble
  • Single plane balancing
  • Dual plane balancing
  • Single plane balancing without phase
  • Dual plane balancing without phase
  • Pump, Compressor, Coupling, Turbine, etc
  • Residual unbalance check
  • Trim balancing
  • Application for trial weight, rotor sensitivity