2017. 9. 20.

HVAC Noise

HVAC equipment is the major sources of noise in building, and its effects on the speech interference & noise environment in each room have to be considered properly. INERTANCE has estimated the noise effects from HVAC equipment and designed the relevant control devices as per noise & room criteria.
INERTANCE has a capability to perform below kinds of estimation for HVAC Noise.
  • Sound Attenuator & Silencer Sizing
  • Sound Chamber and Elbow
  • Duct Lagging
  • Acoustic Insulation for Plumbing Pipe
  • Indoor Noise Assessment
  • Noise Criteria (NC)
  • Room Criteria (RC)
  • Duct Break out Noise
  • Duct Break in Noise
  • Estimation for Insertion Loss
  • Acoustically Lined Rectangular Duct
  • Acoustically Lined Round Duct
  • Sound Transmission Loss